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Protecting and managing the way your brand is represented online is critical. Allowing your network to build their personal brand is also critical. That is why it is critical to have a compliance workflow system in place to review and approve customizable content changes made on your agent & advisor network websites.

Scalable for 1 to 1,000,000 approvers
Each company has its own processes set up to review and approve marketing content for its network. Our compliance workflow system makes directing content change requests to the appropriate approvers simple no matter how complex your approver network is.

Side by Side content views
Reviewing content change requests is easy with the side by side request viewer. Approvers can see the current content version as well as the agent or advisor’s request.

Complete logging of requests and approvals
Each change request is logged and date/time stamped. When a change has been approved or rejected, the approvers username, date, and time is tagged to the approval.

Current status reporting in website editor
Your agents & advisors can view all of their current requests, approvals, and rejections right in the website editor. Should they have any questions related to their changes, they’ll see exactly where the request is in the process.

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