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Over the years, we’ve asked thousands of advisors and agents the most successful ways that they acquire new clients.  According to them, the richest stream of referrals leading to new business is word-of-mouth referrals from their existing clients to their family, friends and co-workers.  Website Enhancement Service (WES) is a word-of-mouth referral tool.  It’s a tool to help advisors and agents get their name into fertile, qualified social groups that have been beyond their current reach and get those prospects to their websites.  Best of all, WES gets a link to their website on the first pages of Google and Yahoo!

Website link of the first pages of Google and Yahoo!
WES places a link to advisor and agent websites in the sponsored listing sections of Google and Yahoo!.  50 Below monitors all of these listings on a daily basis and manages the bid prices to make sure the links are on the first page, and in most cases, the top position!

Upgraded website analytics reporting

In addition to having a direct link to their website on the first pages of Google and Yahoo!, WES customers receive an upgrade to their traffic reporting tools* provided by 50 Below.  This upgraded reporting makes it easy to watch the impact of WES on website traffic.

*only available for WES customers who also have a website through 50 Below.

Improved website traffic
WES makes it easy for your clients and prospects to get to advisor and agent websites.  For nearly all of our WES customers, overall website traffic has increased because of this.  It is not uncommon for WES customers to see their website traffic increase 20, 50 or even 100%!

99% listing uptime, one low price

Placing links to your website in the sponsored listings of Google and Yahoo! requires you to manage your listings, budgets, bidding and account on a daily basis to be effective.  50 Below takes care of all of this for advisors and agents.  Best of all, WES is provided to advisors and agents for a fixed fee – unheard of in the world of sponsored listing management!

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  • American Tire Distributors
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  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partners
  • Bridgestone
  • Microsoft Advertising Accredited Professional

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